Posted by: Stu | November 11, 2007

This is Why… Sunday, 11 November 2007

My Buddy Mark and I have some great history of mini weekend adventures. Past trips have been filled with kiting, mountain biking, whiskey, pimped vans and, most importantly, good company.

After a few years of mountain biking trips together, we seem to still have quite the list of potentially classic routes that still need ticking off the list. This was definitely one of them.

After the good intentions of heading to Skye for the weekend, it looked like the weather had got the better of us when force 10 gales and rain hit the north of Scotland toward the end of the week, with more wetness forecast for Saturday. We were left with the dilemma of risking the wet and heading north anyway to see where it took us, or bucking the trend of years of Scottish riding and heading south from Edinburgh… with the enormous amount of beautiful scenery in Scotland, heading to England just seemed wrong. But we really couldn’t decide and so left it to the toss of a coin. A risky thing to do, but it paid off – the coin said North.

With the rain looking pretty bad for Saturday, we headed for Golspy on Friday night. Golspy is about an hour north of Inverness with some Forestry Commission man made trails that I quite like. There not propper mountain biking, but all ridable in any weather.

After a night in the new van by the beach, we got togged up in a full set of water proofs and hit the trail. It’s surprising how often you forget how crap it is biking in the rain. The trails were all ridable, but we got extremely wet and cold. That said, it was great to be back out on the bike again with Mark. To dry off, we hung out in the Coffee Bothy in Golspy and ate some soup and cake and made use of their heater. A check of the weather revealed that Sunday’s weather might be a bit nicer and we made the decision to head to Skye and try and get this route we’ve been wanting do for ages, off the list.

The route is up the north end of Skye, around Quiraing. It’s been on the list since we saw an incredible pic in MBR that just made us wish we were there. I’m pleased to say, that the route not only lived up to the pic, but we also came back with a bunch of other photos worth of an MBR double spread.

Top weekend with all the right ingredients… and a good first trip test for the new adventure bus in the form of my newly purchased VW T4 Transporter… more info on that and it’s camper conversion soon 🙂

Sunday, 11 November 2007

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