Posted by: Stu | June 10, 2009

Sea Kaying in Aus’ (Wednesday, 10 June 2009)

Not been much in the way of adventure updates of late… but I’ve just remembered that I forgot to jot down some thoughts on my first jaunt in a sea kayak recently while in Australia, visiting the in-laws.

We were staying in Bega Valley with the Mum-in-law, Kath. It’s a really beautiful part of the world, pretty green for Aus with some nice forest areas and gorgeous beaches.

It had been noted that I hadn’t taken any bikes with me and couldn’t really get in much in the way of exciting exercise so Diana had a look through a local tourist booklet and spotted the guided sea kayak tours. As I’ve wanted to give this a go for ages, she suggested I get booked on a half day tour withOcean Wilderness (based in Merimbula).

The instructor, Will, was great and I absolutely loved it. It’s actually a really peaceful thing to do, though I imagine this can change in less lovely weather. You can cover quite a bit of ground in a fairly short time, or just stop paddling and hang out a bit to look at the scenery.

There’s a strange feeling of separation you get from looking back at the land from the sea that seems to allow me to really relax and get some perspective on things. It’s just nice to look back at stuff from a totally different angle, similar to being at the top of a mountain looking down on things.

I also got to see some pretty cool wildlife, including: a couple of sea eagles, some dolphins, a pelican and an eagle ray. The ray was right under the kayak, extremely cool.

It’s the possibilities for adventure that really grab me though, you can really load the boats up and they actually get more stable when they sit a bit lower in the water. I’d love to paddle along some of the quieter bits of the Scottish coast up around the north west highlands, or even out to an island or two, with a bivy bag and a trangia (and some whiskey) and kip out on a nice quiet beach.

I was describing it to Mark the other night and managed to sum it up like this… I’ve always wanted to use Mountain biking for epic, multi-day adventure trips, but the more kit you have with you on the bike, the less enjoyable the biking is. Sea kayaking seems to just get better the more stuff you have with you and the longer you want to stay away.

I definitely think this is something I’ll get into.


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