Posted by: Stu | June 24, 2010

New Blog – Most im(word)pressive !

So, it’s been a while… Welcome to my new Blog. I’ve been busy importing all the good posts from my old blog so you can read everything here…. which is where I’ll be posting from now on.

To start things off… here’s a quick Q&A on what’s been going for the last 6 months…

So, Why the change? One of the reason’s I’ve not posted on the old iweb blog for a while is that I need to be at home, at my trusty macbook, with an internet connection and some free time to write a post. Things have been a bit hectic for a wee while and that’s not really been that easy… so a move to WordPress means I can post from anywhere including my iphone.

So, Why so busy? Well, there’s been heaps going on since last autumn… one big thing that kicked it all off was a decision to move house, meaning selling old house first, actually moving and then settling into the new one. Winter seemed as good a time as any, and the shocking cold snowey weather at the start of 2010 meant I wasn’t missing out on too much riding while we were dealing with housey stuff.

So, Why the house move? The old house was lovely, particularly living by the sea, but it just wasn’t big enough any more. Finding another house with awesome sea views was going to be tricky, so we figured if we can’t be by the sea, let’s be by the hills. As I spend most weekends heading for the Scottish borders with the bikes, it seemed logical to start the house search there.

Peeblesshire isn’t too far a commute for me or the missus and I’ve always been fond of it. There’s loads of great local riding, on and off road, the locals are super friendly and it’s a pretty darn lovely part of the world to boot. We were lucky enough to find the perfect house with an awesome collection of local trails on my doorstep and an easy drive to work.

So, What’ve I been up to besides the house move? As I said, due to the nasty winter, I didn’t get too much riding in… though I did manage to accidentally enter the Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike endurance race in January, which was a pretty momentous undertaking. I survived and was pretty pleased with myself and super proud of all my pals who entered too. I’ll be doing that again next year, but this time solo, not in a pair.

Since the house move in March, I’ve been concentrating most of my riding to discovering all the good local riding and keen to get as many miles in as I can without putting the bike in the car. However, I have been on a couple of wee jaunts further afield – namely the Solway Sportive road ride and a 4 day mountain biking road trip with good buddies Skinner, Jamie and Tally up around the East Highlands. There’ll be more details on that, along with pictures, in another blog post. (incidentally, the pic above was from an Aviemore based ride on that road trip)

So, What next? Well, there’s a couple of big events in the calendar; The Selkirk Road Sportive and Mountain Bike Marathon on the weekend of 31st July, followed by the Kielder 100 in September. Aside from that, there’ll be some other riding and general mini adventures. I’ll aim to write a bit more now I’ve got more options for posting… some may be short, some may be long, hopefully it’ll all be of vague interest to someone.

I’ve just been back and re-read some old posts while importing them into WordPress… quite nice to look back… feel free to go and check out some old stuff if you’ve nothing much else on.



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