Posted by: Stu | January 11, 2011

Strathpuffer 2011 – preparation

weekend sees my second attempt into the Strathpuffer. I’m not
feeling much fitter than I was last year, but at least I’ve had
more than a week’s notice this year so should be much better
prepared. I’ve certainly got much more of an idea what to expect
and feel more mentally prepared for it, though I’m not sure that’s
a good thing. With December and early January’s snow I was
expecting a repeat of last years white out… but looking at the
forecast it could be a very wet and muddy one, with probability of
some ice still around to try and catch us out. I’m entered in Pairs
category again, this year with Mike (who took
the pic above at last years ‘Puffer), and hope to try and beat last
years total lap count of 15 laps. Mostly though, I just want to
survive. Mainly to help myself, but it might be of use to others,
here’s my list of things to pack to make sure I’m prepared for the

bike equipment:

  • On-One 29er – with Bonty Mud Tyres
  • SC Superlight – with Maxxis Ingnitor Tyres
  • Bottlecage – needs fitting to the Superlight
  • Time ATAC pedals
  • Winter SPD Boots
    (remember to add the studs)
  • SPD Race
  • Spare flat pedals
  • Spare Wheels, shod with fat tubeless tyres
  • Spare brake pads for both bikes (elixir and hope
  • SRAM Power links for chain snapping
  • Spare tubes
  • Tyre
  • Multitool
  • Toolbox
    (for the van)
  • Water bottles – small for bike,
    large for the van/tent


  • Jelly Babies
  • Fruit bars
  • Soreen
  • Tinned soup (tomato… maybe
    some mushroom too)
  • Cooked pasta
  • Cooked rice
  • Porridge
  • SIS GO
  • Bananas
  • Custard (to eat with the
    ‘nanas… mmmm)
  • Coffee (real)
  • Tea, sugar, Milk etc


  • Tent
  • Thermarest
  • Camping stove
  • GAS for above
  • Aeropress Coffee
  • sleeping bag
  • thermals to seep in

Clothes etc:

  • Puffer jacket (pud intended)
  • Riding glasses (clear and yellow)
  • loo roll
  • Buffs
  • Gore softshell
  • TNF Green softshell
  • Longs
  • All 3/4s
  • Shorts (you never
  • Thin base layers (endura and
  • Warm base layer (endura)
  • Endura wind chill jearsey
  • Gore skull
  • Gloves (Gore, Specialized &
  • Waterproof socks
  • Merino socks

More will get added
to this as I remember it.


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