Posted by: Stu | September 22, 2009

From A to B (Tuesday, 22 September 2009)

It’s been all about the road bike of late for me. All my training, the wee bit I have time for, has been geared to helping get my endurance fitness up for some longer days in the saddle notching up tarmac miles.

As I’ve said before, the road bike has always been my first love in cycling, but I sometimes get a little tired of heading out for a nice loop from home and back. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that I can jump straight on the bike and take the skinny tyres for a quick spin around some lovely East Lothian roads, without having to travel, is great. It’s just that even hitting a hefty mile count doesn’t feel like a massive achievement. Perhaps it’s the mountain biking that’s increased my thirst for adventure and made me want more out of my cycling. Read More…

Posted by: Stu | August 25, 2009

Winter Comforts (Tuesday, 25 August 2009)

Rather ambiguous blog post title – but the comfort I’m referring to is my newly built winter road training bike… more on that shortly.

I’m getting pretty stuck into some training just now with an aim to building some real endurance fitness. I’m not looking to get super fast or win any races, but I remember when I used to road race (over a decade ago now) I could comfortably get up on a Sunday morning and rattle off a hundred miles on the road bike without  thinking about it too much. I want to be able to do that again… as well as head up to the highlands for a 70km epic mountain bike ride without being too worried about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with the bonk. Read More…

Posted by: Stu | August 6, 2009

Enduring Selkirk (Thursday, 6 August 2009)

Las weekend saw me taking part in my first organised bike event since I stopped road racing over 10 years ago. I decided to go all in, taking part in the Gore Bikewear Road Sportive and Merida MTB Marathon in Selkrik in the Scottish Borders.

All in all a superb event… even though I’ve fresh flesh wounds in knee and elbow to show for it.

I did the 90mile road sportive on the saturday. Which, despite the shocking rain and headwind for the first half, was a lovely route with lots of friendly folk. Read More…

Posted by: Stu | June 10, 2009

Sea Kaying in Aus’ (Wednesday, 10 June 2009)

Not been much in the way of adventure updates of late… but I’ve just remembered that I forgot to jot down some thoughts on my first jaunt in a sea kayak recently while in Australia, visiting the in-laws.

We were staying in Bega Valley with the Mum-in-law, Kath. It’s a really beautiful part of the world, pretty green for Aus with some nice forest areas and gorgeous beaches.

Read More…

One of my fave bands are playing Glasgow on the 10th July this year, which conveniently links with my Birthday on the 13th… so I’ll be going to the gig.. I’d like all my friends to come too, so go get tickets here

If you’re not familiar with aforementioned epic musical entertainment… then, well, you should be. Here’s one of my favourite songs; Sly 🙂 Read More…

Posted by: Stu | February 17, 2009

The joy of the open road (Tuesday, 17 February 2009)

Cycling in general has been a big thing for me, well, all my life really… I still have fond memories of my first proper bike, my Raleigh Burner BMX. When was a young teen, my bike provided me with a level of freedom. I could get further away from home with less effort than walking and in less time. I lived a good 6 miles from school and most of my school friends… a bit far to walk, but not too far on my bike.

At 15 I started volunteer coaching at the local gymnastics club where my sister went and I would ride the 4 miles there on a Saturday morning, then meet my buddy Perry afterwards and then ride back from his place later in the evening. Read More…

Posted by: Stu | February 12, 2009

Return of the King (Thursday, 12 February 2009)

In a fairly controversial move, Lance Armstrong has come out of retirement in order to gain some extra media attention and exposure to his Livestrong fight for cancer foundation. I totally get his reasons for doing this and he’s certainly all ready achieving that extra attention he and Livestrong are after. What’s more impressive though is that after his first pro race since retiring, the tour down under, he’s looking fairly strong in the pack all ready. Read More…

There hasn’t been all that much biking since Christmas what with it being a bit dark and wintery. I dusted off my lights for some winter night riding in autumn, but I’ve not even managed to get any of that in.

Anyway, with an email from Mark last week saying he and his lovely lady, Sarah, were up for a gentle spin around Glentress on the weekend… sounds good to us, we thought. However, with the biggest amount of snowfall the UK has seen for 20 years last week, Sarah and her pals thought it may not be all that great an idea, and wimped out. Read More…

Posted by: Stu | October 8, 2008

Destination Torridon (Saturday, 4 October 2008)

One of the Routes on my hit list, I described a wee while back, is the Beinn Damph Circuit up near Torridon. It starts at the north end of Loch Damh, goes south along it going from double to Singletrack, then heads East around the south end of Beinn Damh and then back along the Drochaid Coire Roill. It can be seen on streetmap here.

I’m delighted that a) it features in this month’s MBR mag that I’ve just had dropped through the door and it looks great… and b) that I spotted it on the map first 🙂 Read More…

On a shiney new Bike 🙂

I’ve been really suffering with injury after injury over the last year. It started with a nasty crash in Innerleithen last may that resulted in some serious shoulder surger, ligaments replaced with goretex and a couple months of the bike. Then, after some time off over winter due to the wonderful arrival of my lovely baby Girl, Abigail, I developed a problem with an inflamed disc in my lower back. The disc was putting pressure on the L5 nerve that runs down the back of your leg.

Back in February, this nocked me flat and had me on my back on the floor for a couple of weeks on some pretty heavy pain killers. Some great work by my physio had me riding again within another couple of months and I thought I was good. I started to get some fitness back and also regain some bottle that I’d lost from the crash last year… and I started hitting the big stuff again. My Intense 6.6 was feeling great, but I gave it a treat in the form of new coil shocks front and rear to increase traction and all round handling. This was a massive improvement and made the bike feel like a mini downhill rig. Brilliant, I thought, now I can ride anything … GRRRRRRR.

Read More…

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